English Public School (WRDSB) Trustee

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October 24 


My decision to run for the position of Trustee comes out of my increasing concern for student well being. Our school environments are being challenged to reflect the changing needs of our student population. How do we support students so that their lived experiences and voices are validated and celebrated? How do we support staff so that they are resourced and equipped to meet the changing realities of education?


Ontario’s public education system must remain strong. We must ensure that funding gives students access to the learning and the program resources required to provide a robust and challenging learning environment.


Our children are our most precious resource. Their needs are complex and we have accepted the responsibility of nurturing their growth.  To promote their learning we must consider the development of the whole child - the emotional, social, mental, and academic. Collaboratively we must sustain a system that maximizes student achievement for all. It is our moral imperative.


As a past parent as well as a retired elementary school teacher and administrator, I know the challenges families face with declining funding and the difficulty in accessing resources and support. Student achievement requires us to reflect and build a new way. Parents, my job as your Trustee is to represent your varied voices. You know your child best. Let’s work together with staff who have committed themselves to ensuring student success. Staff, together we will listen to and hear parent and student voices. It is my commitment to work to give you the tools that you need to do this important work.


I will:


  • Optimize my past educational experience to benefit student learning,

  • Promote student achievement and wellbeing by valuing lived experience,

  • Give voice to diverse perspectives,

  • Bring a child-centred lens to all decision-making,

  • Be available and actively address your concerns,

  • Commit to open and transparent communication,

  • Work collaboratively to make the system accountable.


VOTE on October 24th!